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Dr. Vicente Micol Molina

Unit: Molecular Diagnostic and Therapies
Subunit: Bioactive Molecules
Group: Natural bioactive compounds and biomembranes
Category: Investigator
Phone: + 34 966 65 84 30
Degree: Chemistry. Biochemistry.
Ph.D program: PhD degree with Honors, University of Murcia (Director: Prof. Juan Carmelo Gómez-Fernández), 1990.
Posdoctoral Positions:
Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena (California). Senior Research Fellow (Fulbright Commission). The molecular mechanism of human mitochondrial miopathies. Molecular characterization and cloning of the transcription termination factor of the human mitochondrial DNA. Prof. Giuseppe Attardi Laboratory (1991-1994).
Previous positions:
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Veterinary Faculty. University of Murcia (Spain). Teaching Assistant. Regulation of protein kinase C activity by lipids and phytochemicals (1994-1997).
Current Position: Professor of Biochemistry, Universidad Miguel Hernandez.
Research Fields:
The relationship between the biological activity of natural dietary compounds and its effects on chronic human diseases is under intense debate. The research target of our group is to characterize the wide biological activity of natural bioactive compounds using cellular and animal models and to understand the mechanism underlying their health effects. Our group is focused on:

  • The capacity of polyphenols to ameliorate metabolic disturbances (oxidative stress and insulin resistance) in cellular models and hyperlipidemic mice.
  • Bioguided screening of antimicrobial herbal extracts and compounds for applications in cosmetics, hygiene or medical devices.
  • The cytotoxic/cytostatic and apoptotic effects of polyphenols in cancer cellular models using global OMICs. Nano-encapsulation of potential anticarcinogenic compounds.
  • Characterization of food and herbal materials by chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry. Semi-industrial scale production of herbal extracts deriving from plants or vegetal by-products. Optimization of juice extraction processes and integral exploitation of by-products.

Representative Publications:
  • Barrajón-Catalán, E., Menéndez-Gutiérrez, M.P., Falcó, A., Carrato, A., Saceda, M., Micol, V. Selective death of human breast cancer cells by lytic immunoliposomes: Correlation with their HER2 expression level. Cancer Lett. 290, 192-203 (2010).
  • Funes, L, Fernández-Arroyo, S., Laporta, O, Pons, A., Roche, E, Segura-Carretero, A, Fernández-Gutiérrez, A., Micol, V. Correlation between plasma antioxidant capacity and verbascoside levels in rats after oral administration of lemon verbena extract. Food Chem 117, 589-598 (2009).
  • Micol, V., Caturla, N., Pérez-Fons, L., Más, V., Pérez, L., Estepa, A. The olive leaf extract exhibits antiviral activity against viral haemorrhagic septicaemia rhabdovirus (VHSV). Antiviral Res. 66:129-36 (2005).
  • Alves, D.S., Pérez-Fons, L., Estepa, A., Micol, V. Membrane-related effects underlying the biological activity of the anthraquinones emodin and barbaloin. Biochem Pharmacol 68:549-61 (2004).
  • Caturla, N., Vera-Samper, E., Villalaín, J., Mateo, C.R., Micol, V. The relationship between the antioxidant and the antibacterial properties of galloylated catechins and the structure of phospholipid model membranes. Free Radic Biol Med 34:648-62 (2003).

  • D. Saura, N. Martí, V. Micol, L. Funes, S. Vegara, G. Ignatieva, E. Barrajón Catalán, M. Valero, P. Mena, R. Martínez, Mª. R. Berenguer, M. Moliner. Método de producción de pectina modificada de cítricos. UMH. P201301183 (11/12/2013). España.
  • G. Ignatieva, D. Saura, N. Martí, V. Micol, S. Vegara, E. Barrajón Catalán, M. Valero, P. Mena, R. Martínez, Mª R. Berenguer, M. Moliner. Método de fabricación de pectina acromática normalizada. Mitra Sol Technologies, S.L.- UMH. P201301184 (11/12/2013). España.
  • N. Martí, D. Saura, P. Mena, V. Micol, M. Valero, R. Martínez, S. Vegara, L. Funes, E. Barrajón-Catalán, C. García. Combinación sinérgica de flavonoides y Vit C. UMH. ES201300578 (05/06/2013). España.
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Company agreements:
  • Contracts and agreements of collaboration with companies for the evaluation of the efficacy, quality, safety and development of cosmetics and nutricosmetics (INVITROTECNIA, MONTELOEDER, QUIMICAS DEL VINALOPÓ, ENDEMIC BIOTECH).
  • Contracts and agreements of collaboration with companies for the evaluation of the quality, stability and safety of biocides and phytosanitary products (IBERFOL).
  • Contracts and agreements of collaboration with companies for the evaluation of the efficacy, quality, safety and development of ingredients for functional food and nutraceuticals (MONTELOEDER, NUTRAFUR, NINAPHARM, LABORATORIUM MEDISAN, PRAXIS, BIOSASUN).