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Platform for high throughput biological screening (HTS).

The platform for biological screening emerged as a unit which groups together the capacities to design screening assays of molecular collections combined with the experience of groups in tracking these collections and identifying compounds with biological activity. The platform’s mission is to integrate activities leading to the identification of active compounds, providing the experience and infrastructures necessary for guaranteeing high performance. To do so, the Institute has well-equipped units where biological assays can be automatized to a good level. The platform also has the added value of automation for measuring the activity of ionic channels - membrane proteins that are centrally involved in different human and animal pathologies. Furthermore, this platform is complemented with structural, thermodynamic and spectroscopic screening, involving NMR, ITC and steady state fluorescence techniques. The synergy and complementarity of all the techniques affords an innovative, pluridisciplinary and unique platform nationwide.

The vision of the platform is to become a national reference where academic and industrial researchers can value their collections of synthetic or natural compounds endowing them with biological activity, which permits their therapeutic, cosmeceutical or nutraceutical development. For this reason, it is a platform that gives support to R+D projects, such as providing a service for specific screenings. Consequently, different compounds identified by this platform have been transferred to companies and are being exploited commercially.