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Dr. Juan José Ballesta Payá

Unit: Molecular and Cellular Design
Subunit: Molecular Recognizement and Protein Engineering
Group: Neurotransmitters and receptors involved in pain and addiction
Category: Investigator
Teléfono: + 34 965 919 486
Degree: Medicine
Ph.D program: 1.-Molecular Neurosciences, Institute of Neurosciences, Universidad de Alicante,1989 (Directors: Prof. José A. Reig and Salvador Viniegra).
2.-Awarded the Prize to the Best Thesis, Universidad de Alicante, 1990.
Postdoctoral positions:
1.- Institute of Neurosciences.
2.- University of Pennsylvania.
Previous positions:
1. Assistant Professor of Pharmacology. University of Alicante (Spain). 1985-1989.
2. Associate Professor of Pharmacology (Tenure), University of Alicante (Spain). 1989-1997.
3. Researcher. Institute of Neurosciences. University Miguel Hernandez-CSIC. 1997-2017.
4. Researcher. IBMC. 2017- .
Current Position: Associate Professor of Pharmacology (Tenure), University Miguel Hernandez (Spain). 1997-present.
Research Fields:
1.- Mechanisms involved in the interindividual variability to opioid drugs.
2.- Drug treatment of overactive bladder and painful bladder syndrome.
Representative Publications:

  • Alves, DS, Castello-Banyuls, J, Faura, CC and Ballesta, JJ (2011). An extracellular RRR motif flanking the M1 transmembrane domain governs the biogenesis of homomeric neuronal nicotinic receptors FEBS Lett 585: 1169-1174.
  • Ballesta, J.J., Cremades, J., Rodriguez-Muñoz, M., Garzón, J. y Faura, C.C. (2012). Sensitivity to μ Opioid Receptor Mediated Antinociception is Determined by Cross−regulation Between μ and δ Opioid Receptors at Supraspinal level. Br J Pharmacol 166: 309-326.
  • Ballesta, JJ, del Pozo, C, Castello-Banyuls, J and Faura, CC (2012). Selective down-regulation of α4β2 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the brain of uremic rats with cognitive impairment. Exp Neurol 236: 28-33.
  • Ballesta, B., González, H., Martín, V. and Ballesta, J.J. (2017). Fatal ruxolitinib related JC virus meningitis. J. Neurovirol. 23: 783-785.