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1. To consolidate
a multidisciplinary program for basic research and their
applications, that promotes the excellence in both basic scientific production and
in technological transference.
2. To strengthen
research in relation to the discovery and development of bioactive
3. To generate
a stimulating environment in which science, with the highest
international level.
4. To promote
a translational research platform in conjunction with the University and
5. To stimulate
the activities of the Research Platforms as a exclusive project for a
market-oriented R&D.
6. To internationalize
the activities so as to become an international reference in
translational research in the development of bioactive compounds.
7. To implement
an international Doctorate Program of excellence for educating young
researchers in a university/business/hospital environment characteristic of this
8. To disseminate and diffuse
the advances made in science and by the Institute to the