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web del Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular

About the Institute

The IBMC has changed its name to Instituto de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación en Biotecnología Sanitaria de Elche (IDiBE).

The IBMC was established as a University Research Institute after passing the evaluation required by the current regulations, under Decree 134/2002 of 27 August, of the Valencian Government. The IBMC emerges from a preexisting core entity, the Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology, which in turn was created by an agreement of the UMH Management Committee on May 21, 1998, following the University's decided vocation of promoting the multidisciplinary grouping and synergy of its researchers.

The IBMC is located in Torregaitán Building in the Elche Campus of the UMH, occupied entirely by the staff of the Institute, and recently expanded to reach 4,000 m2.

As a University Research Institute, the IBMC is governed by the provisions of Articles 12, 31 and 43 of the Statute of the UMH, as well as Article 10 and 26 of the LOU. The Internal Regulations were discussed after the approval of the relevant Framework Regulation, and are currently pending approval by the UMH Governing Council.

The Institute's staff structure includes the following figures:

  • Researchers, according to the terms stated in article 12.5 a and b of the Statute of the UMH.
  • Research associates, as defined in the Framework Agreement with the Elche's General Hospital and University Foundation.
  • Collaborators, pre- and post-doctoral trainees who form the different research teams.
  • Administration and Services people (PAS) from the University's staff or hired from projects or contracts.

The highest corporate authority is the Institute Council, formed by all the doctors assigned to the Institute and representatives from the PAS assigned to the Institute and Ph.D. students. Single-member governing authorities are the Director, Deputy Director and Secretary, who, along with the Coordinator of the Institute Lines of Research (Prof. Reyes Mateo) and the Coordinator of the PhD Program (Prof. Ricardo Mallavia), form the Executive Council, which in turn may or may not incorporate advisors "ad hoc" to treat specific issues. The Director and Executive Council are assisted by an external scientific advisory board (SAB) of international character.

IBMC researchers get funding from various public and private organizations, to whom we would like to show our gratitude.