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Dr. Asia Fernandez Carvajal

Unit: Molecular and Cellular Design
Subunit: Structure-function relationships in membrane proteins
Group: Structure-function of potassium ion channels
Category: Investigator
Phone: + 34 966 65 84 54
Degree: Biology
Ph.D program: PhD degree with honors and prize to the best Thesis at the Neuroscience program, Alicante University (Director: Prof José Manuel Gonzalez Ros, 1992)
Previous positions:
1.- 1988-1991: Predoctoral Fellowship from M.E.C.: Department of Neurochemistry. Medicine Faculty University of Alicante.
2.- 1992-1995: Postdoctoral Fellowship from European Comunity. Investigation in Neuroreceptors and ionic channels.
3.- 1988-1997: Lecturer in Biochemistry. Department of Neurochemistry. Medicine Faculty. University of Alicante.
4.- 1997-2009: Assistant Profesor of Enzimology and Biochemistry. Department of Biochemistry and molecular. UMH University.
Current Position: Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Universidad Miguel Hernandez.
Research Fields:
- High throughput screening.
- Discovery and development of anti-nociceptive drugs.
- Structure-function studies on ion channels.

Representative Publications:

  • J A Poveda; A M Giudici; M L Renart; M L Molina; Estefania Montoya; Asia M Fernandez; G Fernandez-Ballester; J A Encinar; Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Ros (2014) Lipid modulation of ion channels through specific binding sites BBA. Biomembranes. 1838(6):1560-1567. doi: 10.1016/j.bbamem.2013.10.023
  • A Ferrer-Montiel, A Fernández-Carvajal, R.Planells-Cases, G.Fernández-Ballester, J.M. González-Ros, À Messeguer and R González-Muñiz. (2012) Advances in modulating thermosensory TRP channels. Expert Opinion in Therapeutic Patents 22 (9):999-1017
  • T Pérez-Faginas P, Aranda MT, García-López MT, Infantes L., Fernández-Carvajal A, González-Ros JM, Ferrer-Montiel A, González-Muñiz R. (2013). Highly functionalized 1,2–diamino compounds through reductive amination of amino acid-derived beta–keto esters. PloSOne 8 (1): e5323:1-9
  • Bonache MA, Balsera B, Martin-Somer A, López-Méndez B, Millet O, Brancaccio D, Gómez-Monterrey I, Carotenuto A, Pavone LM, Vidal M, de la Torre, R, Fernández-Carvajal A, Ferrer-Montiel A, García-López MT, Martí-Martínez M, Pérez de Vega MJ and González-Muñiz R. De novo design, synthesis, structure and validation of a library of helical peptides for modulation of protein-protein interactions. ACS. Sci. Chem. 16, 250-258. 2014.
  • N. Fresno; R. Perez-Fernandez; C. Goicoechea; I. Alkorta; A. Fernandez-Carvajal; R. de la Torre-Martinez; S. Quirce; A. Ferrer-Montiel; M.I.Martin; P. Goya; J. Elguero. Adamantyl Analogues of Acetaminophen as Potent Analgesic Drugs via inhibition of TRPA1. (2014). PlosOne.

Patents and Available Technologies:
  1. Fernández-Carvajal A, García-Martínez C, Belmonte C, Van Den Nest W, Carreño C., Ferrer-Montiel A. Compounds which can block the responses to chemical substances or thermal stimuli or mediators of inflammation of nociceptors, production method thereof and compositions containing same. ES2195787 B1 (granted on 01/06/2005); WO03/097670; EP1506970 A1; US7183430 B2 (granted on 27/02/2003); AU2003/231331; CA2486342 A1; JP2006/502975 ; MX PA/a/04011502.
  2. Antonio Ferrer Montiel, Asia Fernández Carvajal, Carolina García Martínez, Carlos Belmonte Martínez, Wim van den Nest, Cristina Carreño Serraima. New bis-N-(halophenethyl)-glycyl-glycine derivatives, useful as analgesic medicaments, especially for treating inflammatory or neuropathic pain, or in cosmetic compositions. WO2003097670-A; WO2003097670-A1; ES2195787-A1; AU2003231331-A1; EP1506970-A1; KR2005007406-A; ES2195787-B1; US2005130907-A1; JP2006502975-W; US7183430-B2.
  3. Antonio Ferrer Montiel, Asia Fernández-Carvajal, Gregorio Fernandez Ballester, José Manuel González Ros, Carlos Belmonte Martínez, Félix Viana, Ana Gomis, Rosa María Planells-Cases, Miquel Vidal, Jordi Bujons, Angel Messeguer. Compuestos moduladores de receptores TRP y sus usos. WO2012/136873 A2.
  4. Carlos Belmonte Martínez, Juana Gallar Martinez, Antonio Ferrer Montiel, Asia Fernández Carvajal, Felix Viana de la Iglesia. Composición farmacéutica para el tratamiento del ojo seco. Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of the dry ice. WO2012/032209 A2 EP2614860A2, EP2614860A4, US20130245231, WO2012032209A3.
Company agreements:
  • BCN Peptides
  • DiverDrugs