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Strategic plan (2019-2022)

With its Strategic Plan (2019-2022) the IDiBE aims to establish a strategy to follow over the next five years. In concordance with the generalised formulations regarding this type of process, the participation of members of the Institute was sought with the intention to formulate concrete and time-appropiate proposals.

The elaboration of the current Strategic Plan was inititated after an in-depth debate carried out by the Executive Council, which for this purpose was expanded to include different members of the IDiBE and its external consultants. This debate allowed the establishment of the starting points and goals for the IDiBE in the following years, or, in more appropiate terms, the Mission and the Vision of the Institute for this period.

Once these criteria were determined, and after their having been debated by the Institute Council (which consists of all of the researchers appointed to the Institute), task groups were designated to critically analyse the IDiBE and its organisation, as well as its scientific and educational activities, and the aspects related to the central units that support research.

Knowing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) of the different components of the Institute, a triangulation process was carried out to detect common points and evalute important aspects. The result of this effort, conducted by the previously mentioned expanded Executive Council, was the formulation of the objectives for the next five-year period and the strategy to attain them.

Finally, the agreed document was approved by the Executive Council and submitted to the Vice-Chancellor of Innovation and Research for processing.

A full version of the Strategic Plan 2019-2022 is available by following this link.