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Antonio Ferrer Montiel
Assistant Director
Dr. Nuria Martí
Dr. José Antonio Encinar

Direction of lines of research
Dra. Reyes Mateo Martínez

PhD Program Coordinator
Dr. Ricardo Mallavia

Seminar Coordinator
Dr. Jesús Sanz

Director of Biotechnology and Bioengineering Master:
Dr. Asia Fernández

The main decision body is the Institute Council, constituted by all the regular members of the IBMC plus a representative of the PhD and Master students, and a representative of the Technical and administration staff. The governance structure is formed by the Director, Deputy Director and Secretary, who, along with the Coordinator of the Research Lines (Prof. Reyes Mateo) and the Representative of the Training Program (Prof. Ricardo Mallavia) form the Executive Board that may incorporate ad hoc members for specific topics.


Secretary of Management. Telf: +34 96 665 8759

Secretary of IBMC. Telf: +34 96 665 8470

Secretary of IBMC. Telf: +34 96 522 2185

Secretary of the Depart. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Telf: +34 96 665 8533

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