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The IBMC has as its mission to drive a multidisciplinary translation program of excellence at molecular and cellular level aimed at identifying, validating and developing bioactive molecules with application in the fields of biotechnology and health, serving as a channel to bring the interests of basic research in these fields closer to the service and industrial sectors of society.

The vision at the IBMC is to create an Institute of excellence at the national level centred on a unique research project and a commitment to the transfer of technology to the private sector and clinical transfer of knowledge. Since its creation, the IBMC has maintained a high quality of research with a level of knowledge transfer superior to that of other national research institutes, making the IBMC a model in innovation for both the industrial and clinical sectors.

The IBMC has established a unique research and training program that utilizes the multidisciplinary and complementary nature of the research groups, and makes use of their synergies as a strategy to attain excellence and increase competitivity and productivity. To that end, in the last two years research work has been organized around two main complementary lines of research, (i) molecular and cell design and (ii) molecular diagnosis and therapy. This structure has gathered the skills and experience of the research groups around areas supplementary to the development of bioactive molecules, reducing any scientific dispersion and grouping their activities in order to undertake unique and ambitious research projects. Furthermore, in the next five-year period, the IBMC aims to become a centre of reference in the discovery of pharmacological and biotechnological tools for the study and treatment of skin pathologies and conditions with clear translational and transferable potential and with the following future approach plan:

  • To consolidate a multidisciplinary platform for the convergence of theory and application, research and development, that guarantees excellent results in both basic research production and technological transfer, to allow the foundation for new enterpreneurial initiatives.
  • To strengthen research aimed at the discovery and development of bioactive molecules, making use of the complementarities and synergies of a the multidisciplinary team, to create a unique project, unprecedented at a national level, that facilitates the establishment of a research institute within the field of drug discovery.
  • To generate a stimulating environment in which scientific work, which shall attain the highest international standards, is facilitated by the existence of an organisation with sufficient material and human resources, the latter including both scientific as well as technical and administrative staff.
  • To promote a translational research platform alongside the UMH's University Hospitals that allows for a more fluid transfer of the scientific achievements of our researchers to clinical use, as well as attending to the demands of both clinical and basic science.
  • To stimulate the activity of the research platforms as a unique project that is intended to be the basis of a future research program that will unite the current capabilities of the Institute.
  • To internationalise research activity with the aim of becoming a world-class reference in translational science and bioactive compounds development.
  • To provide and steer the university's own postgraduate level education, in particular, an international PhD program of excellence to train young researchers in the university/business/hospital surroundings that are characteristic of the Institute.
  • To make public and disseminate the Institute's scientific advances so that the community is informed of the activities and achievements of the Institute, for it to be considered an ally to be referred to whenever necessary.

In order to attain these objectives, in addition to focusing scientific goals, agreements with Public Research Organisations will be sought in order to:

  • Complement and improve the scientific objectives of the proposed project;
  • Execute R&D projects in a coordinated manner;
  • Attract both public and private sector investment;
  • Reinforce those areas which are deficient or which require a further push for their consolidation through the incorporation of researchers within the same field;

creating an unprecedented research project and laying the basis for the creation of a unique Research Institute at a national and international level which is centred on the discovery of bioactive molecules with high pharmacological, cosmetic and/or nutraceutical potential.